Mission statement

The mission of the Commission is to take and keep under review all the laws of United Republic of Tanzania with a view to its systematic development and reform.

Justification for legal reform.

Under the treaty for the establishment of the East African community, the partner states of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi, set out a bold vision for their eventual unification. Laws will play a crucial role towards that goal institutions fashioned in a past age may no longer meet the demands placed on them by growing population that functions in an increasing regionalized and globalized economy; developments in technology nay generate problems that human society has nit previously encountered; social attitudes and values may have changed in ways that need to be reflected in the law; and old laws may need to be refreshed to modernise their language and remove obsolete provions.

Thus, the Law Reform Commission of Tanzania is charged with several statutory responsibilities. The Commission keeps all the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania under review with a view to their systematic development and reform. The commission can review any law or branch of law and recommend ways and measures necessary in which that law or branch of the law of Tanzania can be improved, or made simpler and be brought up date in line with the current circumstances of Tanzania. In addition, The Law Reform Commission revises and simplifies complex laws for public Consumption.

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