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Law Reform Commission of Tanzania is delighted, and indeed honoured to welcome you all to its website. In this site you will be able to find out all that you may wish to know about the Commission.

Law Reform Commission of Tanzania traces its inspirational background to the landmark Judicial System Review Commission now nostalgically referred to as the Msekwa Commission. In its report filed in 1977, the Msekwa Commission underscored the need for on the need to keep the laws of Tanzania constantly attuned to the changing Tanzanian society. No law, Msekwa Commission pointed out, which is not constantly nourished with new ideas, can be an effective instrument for revolutionary change in any society. Such a law will sooner than later become a mere irrelevance to society.Law Reform Commission of Tanzania Act Cap 171 [R.E 2002] concretised recommendations of Msekwa Commission and established Law Reform Commission as a law reform agency with wide ranging responsibilities that include to:

  1. reform laws of Tanzania so as to bring them to fit changing socio-economic circumstances and aspirations of people of Tanzania;
  2. undertake studies and propose reform of the philosophy underlying the various laws;
  3. recommend new laws, statutory institutions that give new dimensions to the existing law, and
  4. propose new laws, new principles, new remedies, new machinery and to meet the challenges of law as Tanzanian society strive to meet the expectations of every citizen.

The Commission was established under the Law Reform Commission of Tanzania Act Cap 171 [R.E 2002]. It took two years of hard work under the able Chairmanship of the late Justice Yona Mwakasendo to physically bring the Commission into operation in 1983. Hon. Mwakasendo chaired the Commission from  1983 to 1984. Other most distinguished Tanzanians who served time as Chairmen of Law Reform Commission include:

  1. Hon. Justice Damian Lubuva- from  1984 to 1985. Justice Lubuva is now Chairman of the National Electrol Commission (NEC);
  2. Hon. Justice (rtd) Hamisi Msumi- from 1986 – 1990;
  3. Hon. Justice (rtd) Raymond Mwaikasu- from   1991 to 1995;
  4. The Late Hon. Judge (rtd) Anthony Bahati- from 1995 to 2006;
  5. Hon. Justice Ibrahim H. Juma- from  2007 to 2013.
  6. Hon. Judge Aloysius Mujulizi from March 2013 to May 2017

Secretary of the Commission is the chief executive officer responsible to the Commission for the day to day operations and the management of the records of the Commission. Several distinguished public officers have served as Commission Secretary during the past twenty five years:

  1. Mr. Nathaniel Issa- from  1984 to  1990;
  2. Hon. Justice (rtd) Stephen E.N. Ihema- from  1990 to  1999;
  3. Hon. Justice Bethuel M.K. Mmilla- from  2000 to  2002. Hon. Mmilla is a Judge of the High Court of Tanzania;
  4. Hon. Lady Justice Mary S. Shangali- from   2003 to 2003. Hon. Shangali is a Judge of the High Court of Tanzania;
  5. Hon. Mathias M. Chikawe- from  2003 to 2005.
  6. Ms. Crescencia W. Makuru – from  2006 to 2008  Hon Makuru is now the Judge of High Court of Tanzania
  7. Mr. Japhet Sagasii from  2008 to  2011.
  8. Ms Winfrida B. Korosso from 2012 to 2014. Hon Korosso is now the Judge of High Court of Tanzania
  9. Mr. Casmir Kyuki   to date

Law, the subject matter of reform touches all aspects of life and livelihood. Reform of the law must of necessity involve more than the Law Reform Commission. In this day and age of monumental national, regional and global changes reflected in international treaties and agreements, Law Reform Commission alone cannot single handedly undertake reform activities without close expertise and cooperation from other sectors and from an informed public opinion. Law Reform Commission will strive to cultivate and nurture a close working relationship with all the three branches of State power. The Commission will assist to inform the public who in return will provide the Commission with suggestions of areas requiring law reform.

To cultivate an informed public opinion, Law Reform Commission will make available to the general public important documents that influence or otherwise informs the executive, legislative and judicial activities taking place in Tanzania. You will find on this website the following documents which inform the law reform process:

  1. Treaties and Conventions that United Republic of Tanzania has so far ratified;
  2. Updated Index of the Laws of Tanzania;
  3. List of all Subsidiary Legislation;
  4. Judgments and legal principles discussed by the Court of Appeal of Tanzania;
  5. Reports and Position Papers on Law Reform; and
  6. Laws of East African Community.
  7. Ongoing reforms programmes

Law Reform Commission of Tanzania hopes this site will be a useful to all and a ready source of ideas and suggestions on law reform.

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